Afri-Link in SCOTLAND

Afri-Link in SCOTLAND

What we've been working on...

Website Development – Special thanks to Inspire IT Services ( and David Dwyer for donating their time, services and funding to produce this beautiful new website. This new website will help raise awareness to our work and recruit new donors and volunteers to help advance our work.

Partnership with PKAVS (Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary services) – Special thanks to Sarah Renick, Bob Gillespie, Alisdair Alexander and Steven Macdonald for all their help and advice. Through their kind efforts Afri-link have been able to start recruiting volunteers, fundraise, write policies and verify accounts.

Fundraising – in the past fundraising efforts have included a sponsored run by Martin Jones and many kind donations through the Afri-link website. Thank you so much to our supporters for their selfless generosity.

Orphan Sponsorship – Afri-link have a dedicated bank account for UK sponsors to pay their monthly sponsorship money to the Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project in Cameroon. Sponsorship money goes to pay for school fees, medicine, clothes and food supplements with 100% of the money being spent on the children rather than being siphoned off along the way for bank fees and administration.

Afri-Link in AFRICA

What we've been working on...

"Prevent Blindness-fund cataract surgeries" - A recent project initiative has been approved on Global Giving UK now. Meaning people can donate using pounds.

Please use the link below to donate:

Building Classrooms - in 2009 a volunteer from Afri-link went out to Cameroon to help build the capacity of the Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project. Whilst out there they wrote a proposal to build 2 dedicated classrooms for the After School Education Programme (ASEP) which is part of the Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project. The ASEP is a free education programme for sponsored orphans and other underprivileged children in the village. The programme is taught by local fieldworkers employed by the project as well as international volunteers with the aim of supplementing the children’s education in areas not taught in the local schools. Classes include arts, crafts, problem solving, hygiene, nutrition, sport and environmental conservation as well as Maths, English and Geography.

Partnerships - Through partnerships with other small charities KIRABO (Spain) and AQA (Italy), Afri-link were able to raise £7,000 to buy the land and build two beautiful new classrooms with a capacity to teach 100 children at any one time. The names of all the generous donors who contributed from all over the world through Afri-link, KIRABO and AQA are displayed on the plaque on the outside of the building.

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