Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project

The Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project supports orphaned children in the rural communities of NW Cameroon in West Africa. Sponsors from all over the world send monthly payments which cover  school fees, text books, exam fees,  medicine, hospital bills, clothes, food supplements (U12) to combat malnutrition and a dedicated local field worker.

The children do not stay in an orphanage, rather with next of kin as is tradition in the tribe, so every orphan is housed. However, because education, medical treatment, clothes and food all cost money  and most caretakers have many children of their own to take care of,  the orphans tend to be last in line to be taken care of, with their needs often neglected.

When an orphan has special needs, an illness, a medical condition or is not in school there is urgent need for extra help.

The project identifies these cases in the community and prioritises on a strictly neediest first basis.

Unlike other projects the Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project is one big ‘family’ with all sponsors having some connection as either friends or family of Beruda or previous Beruda volunteers. 100% of sponsorship money sent is spent to the benefit of the child rather than money being lost along the way on bank fees or administration.

Each sponsor receives a quarterly report from their field worker, a copy of the accounts showing exactly how their money has been spent and a copy of the project newsletter.


The Beruda Sponsor an Orphan Project is based in Belo, Cameroon and run by a volunteer Project Supervisor with two local paid field workers under directorship of the umbrella organisation Beruda (Belo Rural Development Association).  The accounts are audited on an annual basis by an external auditer. All sponsorship money is paid through Afri-link in the UK which is a registered charity.

For further information please contact us or visit the Beruda website

If you would like to get involved or donate please fill out the contact page.

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