Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world and can help you whilst you are helping others. Whether you are looking for new direction, experience, fulfilment, new friends, or a brighter future, volunteering will open those doors for you.

No matter your age, gender, skills or experience – you can be a useful asset to someone in need.

Afri-link are currently looking for someone to take on the project development role. This would entail working to develop Afri-link and it's projects and goals.

 We are also looking for people to help with internet research, grant writing, administration, marketing, fundraising, promotion and co-ordination.

You can volunteer from home or you can work with others. You can work in your own time or you can do set days per week. If you are interested please get in touch through the Contact Us page


Afri-link are always in need of volunteers to go out to Africa to help their partner NGO, Beruda. Beruda run the Sponsor an Orphan Project as well as many other rural development projects with the aim of poverty alleviation. Beruda are a locally (Cameroonian) run organisation with a volunteer coordinator.

There is a constant need for volunteers and no matter what your skills you will be able to fit in somewhere and apply yourself to help. The most urgent areas of need include:

Field workers / social work / social care
Project supervisor / managers / accountants 
Teachers / Youth workers / trainee teachers
Nurses / medical students / carers / opticians
Fundraisers / grant researcher / proposal writing
Eco tourism development / environmental protection / conservation
Honey sales / bee keeping / marketing / sales training
Administration / resource management / business training
Agriculture / animal husbandry / erosion control
Waste management


Even if you do not think you can help in any of the above areas – I promise you will be able to help somewhere!

Please get in touch for further information through the Contact Us page

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