Supporting grassroots NGOs in the developing world.



Our vision is one of An Equal World, where people, no matter where they are located, have equal opportunities.


AfrAsia-link’s mission is to help the marginalised of Africa and Asia lead healthy and fulfilled lives.


To support our mission, we work at grassroots level with local NGOs to achieve our objectives. We are currently working with BERUDA (Belo Rural Development Association), an NGO in North Western Cameroon, and expect to increase the number of partners in the region,country and overseas. We also work with NGOs in India and Nepal such as NARUDA in Nagaland, NE India. We only support those organisations where we can demonstrate financial transparency, ensuring transfer of 100% of funds to the intended recipients. .

The target groups that we wish to help include orphans, widows, the elderly, single mothers, people with mental health conditions and the poor. We prefer to support them, where possible, in a sustainable way – such as helping to set up small businesses. 

The long-term goal of AfrAsia-link is to be able to assist and develop non-profit organisations in Africa and Asia who do not have the resources, status, communications, or necessary skills to carry out activities such as grant research, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, proposal writing, banking, accounting, transparency policy and project management.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



Grass roots support

In 2006 a volunteer from Perth, UK, spent 6 months volunteering for BERUDA in Cameroon. Whilst working on developing an eco-tourism project, a friend asked if she could send £20 a month over to Cameroon to sponsor an orphan in the village. After extensive work researching the feasibility and sustainability it was decided that for all the work needed to set this up it made sense to develop it so that other friends could get involved and become sponsors as well. Hence the BERUDA Sponsor an Orphan Project was born. To oversee this initiative and to ensure that all funds reach the intended recipient, Afri-link was set up in 2008. To take account of our expansion into other countries, we changed our name to AfrAsia-link in 2019.

We have carried other projects to support BERUDA, such as:
•    Funding and building an After School Education Project
•    Setting up a Widow/Orphan/Goat Project that allows the beneficiaries to become self-sufficient
•    Developing outreach funds, to assist the marginalised of the region
•    Installing Biogas units
•    Lighting communities with solar power to help bring people together
•    Funding and building a pig and fish farm

We work with NARUDA in Nagaland in NE India. and have supported this new NGO by:

  • Looking after abandoned children by building housing for them and providing funds for schooling and food

  • Purchasing transport for the NGO

  • Specifying and obtaining funds for Water Harvesting and Off-Grid Energy Projects

We alsowork with other NGOs in Cameroon, India and Nepal

We go from strength to strength, working at grassroots level to improve the lives of people in Africa and Asia. 

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