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Your donations make our life-changing work in Africa and Asia possible. By choosing to support us, you are investing in local solutions which are key to bringing hope to orphans and communities alike.

When donating, please Indicate which campaign you would like to support.

We promise to keep you up-to-date with progress on your chosen project and that the funds will be used transparently.

Please note you will go to Afri-link’s site on Wonderful - which is our previous name


Currently we are actively seeking support for several projects and they are:

  1. Nzau Water Harvesting Project in Nagaland, NE India.

  2. Agun Ki, House of Hope, Nagaland, NE India.

  3. AfrAsia-link capacity building.


  5. BERUDA. Sponsor An Orphan Project

  6. Goodness and Mercy Mission After School Project

    GMM works in Cameroon in partnerships with representative organizations to help the rural poor and empower the community with tools which they can develop to sustain their livelihood.

  7. REAL Nepal - Rehabilitation and Education for Accessibility of Livelihood  [REAL] Nepal is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental regional organization working for the empowerment and development of people with  visual impairment in the entire hilly and rural region of Nepal. REAL is seeking funding to support 15 students and to provide infrastructure for their learning. See A Scholarship for 15 blind children for school equipment, computer lab installation, educational materials and daily needs.”

  8. Akshar Arambha Nepal - AAN. It is a national organization to promote inclusive education for children with disabilities through campaign, advocacy, lobbying and networking with common interest groups in Nepal. They also provide vocational education for those who are out of school or never got the opportunity of school or college education.
    As a nongovernmental and non-profit organization AAN has been proactively working in education rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal since 2016 through its working strategies-advocacy, awareness raising campaign, networking with interest groups and collaboration. Currently they are working towards creating a “Disabled friendly mainstream school in Kathmandu” More details will be seen by following the link.